About Perry

Perry’s love of animals began at an early age.  His interest in showing dogs started when he was 11 years old.  He purchased his first show dog; a Doberman Pinscher he named Gina. He trained Gina attaining her AKC CD (Companion Dog) title.  His passion and talent for the sport of showing dogs has flourished since.

Perry has continued his passion with professionalism and talent for almost 35 years.  His name and image are widely recognized nationally as one of the most successful handlers in the dog show community.

Perry’s success comes from the unique bond he creates with every dog he works with.  

More than just a regimen of exercise, training and diet; the dogs Perry shows, display an attitude which cannot be explained with just words.  Most dogs love showing and performing in the ring for Perry.  Whether at home base or away every dog radiates an eagerness to do well.  Ultimately, the dogs’ attitudes are reflected in the results at the shows.

A dog that is boarded and trains with Perry enjoys his/her own unique experience.  A dog may have started out lackluster; but will often return to their home polished, trained, titled and with a fresh outlook on life.  For Perry training and showing dogs is not just a job, but also a way of life; a way to connect to and embrace the beauty of all animals that showcases the best of who they are.  Approachable and kind with a wicked sense of humor, Perry is sought out by people who are looking for a dedicated, reliable and gifted handler who can bring out the best in their dog.  Many friendships are formed and maintained in the process; a testament to the character of a man whose focus has always been to bring joy and happiness to those around him.

In his spare time, Perry works out at his local gym and enjoys raising, breeding and showing Arabian horses.