The Arabian World

Though Perry travels throughout the country and world as an accomplished handler and breeder of champion Rottweilers and French Bulldogs, he is passionate about leaving a similar stamp on his Arabian breeding program.

Perry’s passion for Arabians actually started with Quarter Horses. While on a trip to Florida to study Quarter Horses, the Arabians caught his attention. His first Arabian was Amber Gold (pictured) a beautiful, accomplished, mare Perry purchased for his birthday. The lovely animal became his riding mare, both in team sorting and western pleasure. From that time on, Perry was hooked on Arabians and dedicated his eye and skills to developing a world class breeding program.

Perry’s next addition came from Shada Arabian Sanction, where he purchased a beaufiul Bay Mare named Kousiebella. This was the real beginning of his breeding and raising adventure. He then went on to add additional mares to his program and strives each breeding season to find the appropriate crosses for them, in order to produce both foals that can win in halter and succeed in the performance arena as well.