Jill Kessler Miller

When my friend Marsha Eyechaner and I unexpectedly got a beautiful finished young male back, we wanted a safe and loving place for him to go for campaigning. Enter my good friend, Perry Payson.

We sent “Country” (BIS Ch. Queans Country Mile) to Perry as a thin, emotionally-neglected young dog, severely lacking in condition. Perry spent two months putting weight and muscle on him, bonding with him, and just taking him out for car rides and people visits, to bring him back to his social self and build confidence. Then he started showing him, and wham! Wins every weekend. Country was hardly ever beat in breed.

There is no doubt that Country’s success was 100% due to Perry’s care, commitment, and professional handling–in the ring, on the road and at home–that made Country the dog he became. Perry returned to us a dog that was in excellent condition, happy and social. Country lived out his life with Marsha, and we never regretted our decision for a moment to send Country to Perry. I only wish I could send him more!

Stuart and Sue Larsen

Perry handled our four Rottweilers, Dyna, Elvis, Bridget and Mel to the number one position in either all or a combination of all of ARC and AKC point systems, and was able to put Best in Shows and Best in Specialty shows on all four dogs. Perry managed this with four different dogs in four years. He managed it because the dogs loved him, he made it fun and they all learnt under his guidance that being on the road and showing with Perry was all about fun. Mention the word “dog show” to any of them and they are out the door and into the van, looking around asking “Where’s Perry?” He takes the very best care of all their needs, physical and mental. We will let no-one else take or special our dogs. Thanks Perry.


 Jan and Terry Kerrigan

In February of 2000 Perry took Pepper as his special fr that year. Within two weeks of showing with Perry, Pepper was BISS at the Mile High Rottweiler Specialty under Judge Anne Rogers Clark. In May of that year, Pepper won the 2000 ARC Nationals. What a exciting day! During the year with Perry, Pepper was BIS at two all-breed shows, BISS four times, received multiple AOM and finished the year as #1 Rottweiler All Systems. We were fortunate to be able to travel with Perry and Pepper during that year and be present for many exciting wins, including the first BIS and the BISS ARC Nationals win. We treasure all the wonderful memories. Thank you Perry for putting our boy in the record books!

Jocelyn Hazlewood

We met Perry in 2003 in Albuquerque, NM. My husband and I own our own training center. We show and train National Level Arabian Halter horses. Perry, who loves Arabians, was at the show and was introduced to us by one of our clients who had show horses and show dogs. She introduced Perry to us by saying “This is the TOP Rottweiler handler in the country! If you ever want to get another Rottweiler and show, Perry is your man!” I never forgot that. When our Rottweiler passed away and we later were ready for a new dog, we immediately contacted Perry. He was so kind and supportive about the loss of my wonderful companion. He listened to me describe our family, our son who was 3 years old at the time, our cats, horses and lifestyle. He took great care in searching for the perfect fit for our family and lifestyle. He found a wonderful Rottweiler male who was a perfect fit for us. This Rottie was a beautiful show quality male, with an incredible pedigree and above all else had a great disposition.

Perry personally delivered him to us. He was everything Perry said he would be and he instantly fit in our family. We had him for about eight months and then sent him to Perry to show and finish for us. Perry had him for about seven weeks and finished him for us and won a BIG Specialty. What a dream! We were so happy and thrilled. When Rico came back home, his coat was fantastic, his weight and condition were just incredible. We show and train some of the top Arabian horses in the country, so we know what a conditioned and groomed animal looks like. We were so impressed with the work Perry had put into our dog and the conditioning and care that he received.

Perry did not see Rico for about seven months. On his was to another dog show he came through Arizona and stopped to see us and Rico. Rico, after not seeing Perry for all of that time and again Perry only had him for about seven weeks, was so happy and excited to see Perry he could hardly contain himself. He never was like this with anyone outside of our family. I know how wonderful Perry was to him and Rico remembered too. To this day, three years later, Rico is still crazy about Perry and seeing him sends him in to a happy dog frenzy.

There is NO ONE else we would ever consider using for showing or choosing a dog for us except Perry. He is fantastic, a truly incredible handler, with integrity, honesty and amazing knowledge and experience that cannot be surpassed. He has a gift with these animals and it shows in the loving way he cares for them and the way they respond to him. We are proud and honored to know him and recommend him. He is simply the BEST.

Jocelyn Hazlewood
Hazlewood Arabians, LLC
Cave Creek, Arizona

Susan Peyton

Perry and Alex (V1 Mult. BIS Am/Can. CH WYNDHURST QUALICUM SchI, AD, BH, BST, BH, CDX, RA, HIC, TT, CGC, TDInc.) shared a great success in 2002 in a Specials year not to be forgotten. Perry always graciously invited me along on the pursuit of #1, sharing the excitement of having a top specials dog. The special bond and care developed between Perry and Alex is still evident years later when they enter the specials ring in the veteran class!